Spratley charity foundation is a family based charity in the UK and Sierra Leone.
Spratley charity foundation will give children/families the opportunity to spend quality/healthy time together in an open, secured environment that won’t cost them anything. Playgrounds are more than just fun places for your child to spend free time. They can help all kids—especially those with learning and attention issues—develop important skills. Here’s how.

Swinging is a basic playground activity that can aid your child’s development in many areas. It helps with balance and teaches him or her to know where his body is in space. And it also gives him practice with fine motor skills (gripping the chain), gross motor skills(pumping his legs to swing higher) and coordination (putting it all together). What’s more, swinging helps the brain learn to make sense of speed and direction, which may be beneficial for kids with visual-perception issues.

The charity concert will be an annual event in Sierra Leone and in the UK.
In Sierra Leone, the concert will be held at different venues i.e. National Stadium and O2 arena in London.

80% Percent of revenue will remain in Sierra Leone and 20% will return to the UK for future projects to maintain the charity foundation. Such projects will include giving Sierra Leonean artists the opportunity to attend and perform in different shows in the UK.

The money raised from each concert will be used to build parks in Sierra Leone with a small community Centre built for educational purposes. The land will also be in the budget from the sponsors and purchased from minister of land or a reputable land owner.

£10,000 will be the budget for each park and community centre. This will cover all aspects; Park, land, Labour and Materials. This automatically creates job opportunities for Sierra Leoneans. Safety is a big key in this project for the children, this will mean soft playground with wood chipping



Hire the park out for private events on a monthly basis. This will also create jobs for the local people that will be controlled by our team. Revenue will be used to provide security for the park and cover repairs where necessary.


We are hoping that with everyone’s support, The Spratley charity foundation will aim at making a positive change in the lives of children/youths in Sierra-Leone.

The movement of our foundation has gone worldwide via social media and as time goes on, we are hoping to get more people on board.

We have contacted TV stations in the UK and they are very much interested.



Let’s become one as we are all God’s children. Borku talk/Whatsapp will bring children together each and every day. We are very proud to offer this service especially its role as an educational tool.

Borku talk classroom, breaks down classroom walls and allows children to be a part of experiences from around the globe by granting them unprecedented access to new experience, Borku talk makes it possible to practice communication and understanding.

It makes learning more exciting, memorable and engaging for their students. Here are some of the amazing ways Borku talk teachers enrich the lives of their students.

Learning a new language can become simple using our services to sharpen grammar and pronunciation skills through conversation.
Through our program, teachers and students can meet new people and discover new cultures here in the UK and Sierra Leone without taking a step outside the classroom.

As a child I enjoyed having a pen pal but waiting for a reply and never actually seeing or meeting my pen pal it was disappointing and at some point I lost interest and even forgot my pen pal’s name. These days students can gain more from using the technology that is current and move away from the traditional letter, envelope, and stamp,students need to learn to use email, blog, video chat and other technical resources they will be required to use in career situations, Whatsapp/Borku talk and other programs like it offer so much to the world of education, it enables us to connect with others worldwide.



  • Children will understand a different national language [krio] and cultures.

  • Only teachers will control phones or tablets used.

  • Communication will be Deputy secured in a corrective session in all interests of schools.

  • Only teachers will have the time and date for each session.

  • Classrooms will be in controlled environment by social worker.

  • Borku talk will add more value to the lives of school children to be more determined to learn.

  • It will expose children to know more about communication in classrooms.

  • It will enable school children to sustain and understand more about using modern technology.

  • Head Teachers or Heads will communicate with each other easily.

  • Interaction/communication will be exercised within the same age group.

  • Free trial period of three sessions [15 minutes]with a total of 45 minutes

  • One week free trial.



We trying to gain funds from Wokingham council so we could be offering this service for free of charge.


10 pound thereafter monthly subscription for three sessions per week for four weeks. This money will go towards payment for their internet use and educational materials and the lives of children in Sierra Leone will be transformed with your help