By: Sheku Putka Kamara   It is my assumption that in this day and age, the importance of photojournalism is not shrouded in secrecy. The emergence of digital photography offers whole new realms of opportunity for the manipulation, reproduction, and transmission of images. It has inevitably complicated many of the ethical issues involved. Photojournalism works within the same ethical approaches to objectivity that are applied by other journalists. What to shoot, how to frame and how to edit are constant considerations. Photographing news for an assignment is one of the most ethical problems photographers face. Photojournalists have a moral responsibility
As crackdown on corruption in the Energy sector and illegal electricity abstraction continues, the Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, located in Aberdeen, Western Freetown was on Wednesday, 25th March 2020 raided by the Anti-Corruption Commission’s Scorpion Squad, discovering extensive improper connections and unmetered sources of electricity consumption leading to the arrest of the Manager of the Hotel and other staff. Following intelligence surveillance and confirmation, the raid on the Radisson Blu Hotel, was part of series of sting operations aimed at clamping down on electricity abstraction across Freetown by mainly large electricity consumers who are evading the payment of the
Honourable Alieu Ibrahim Kamara (KOYO) sensitises his constituents and distributes veronica buckets and other items in his constituency. In joining the fight against Convid-19, and adhering to the preventive measures put out by the government of Sierra Leone, the Honourable Member of Parliament for Constituency 122, Honourable Alieu Ibrahim Kamara fondly called Koyo sensitised and distributed a large quantity of veronica buckets to his constituents in various communities as way to prevent the entering of the Coronavirus Disease (Convid-19) into the country. According to reports from the people, the dynamic MP has been doing similar immediate responses of such magnitude
By Hamza4sl There has been sport in Sierra Leone since the 19th Century during colonialism. Sierra Leone has many games that are been trained and played in the country, these games include Gulf, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball, Javelin , Long Jump, High Jump, Athletics (Sprint and Marathon, Huddles) and Soccer the most talked about sport in the country. The Sports that would be discussed in this chapter is the most talked about which is soccer; this volume will be limited to only soccer (football) in Sierra Leone. Football in Sierra Leone is adored by most youths. Since the league came

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