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K.Mill (Mr Sierra Leone 2019/20)

His real name is Mohamed kamanoh,
He was born in Tombo community August 20 1993 and started his primary school in the young Muslim primary school Freetown in 2004 and later moved to Waterloo in 2007 to continue his primary school at the Seventh day Adventist primary school were he sat to the NPSE (National Primary School Examination) and moved to Lorenzo Govie memorial secondary School post office Waterloo.

He loves going to the gym,listen to reggae music and some love songs

What or who Inspired him

He was inspired by Denis D nice of peckam base who presently stays in Germany and also some few friends who helped his carrier out KING TYGA AND BOY Tee who stays in Waterloo this guy’s helped and supported his dream since day one.
His father is a business man and mother too, he came from a Muslim home and he belongs to the KISSI and FULLAH FAMILY, he has a 2 years old son called DAUDA KAMANOH.
He started his modeling career in 2015 and won his first pageant at mama beach KING OF THE PENINSULA in 2017 after that he also won himself MR WESTERN AREA RURAL same 2017 and because of the successful stories he contested for the first annual Mr Sierra Leone in Freetown which took place at miatta conference Hall he came second in 2018, he went and competed again for the second time and this time he won the Mr Sierra Leone tittle in 2019, that title gave him the opportunity to travel to the Philippines to represent Sierra Leone in the Mr world competition for the first time and it was also the first time for Sierra Leone to send a representative he also has a charity organization which is called (K.MILL HOPE CHARITY FOUNDATION) and now involved with the Spratley Charity Foundation as the Director of the model sector

Yabba Mansaray

This is for anyone wondering why I chose to participate/why they should vote me into the BIG SISTER EMPOWERMENT SHOW

My love for entertainment started when I first participated in a beauty pageant (Miss FSSG 2012) , and I emerged the winner…After that I grew fond of pageantry , and participated in more , including the Miss Sierra Leone 2018 , in which I made a grammatical mistake (Educated is the Key)? , and that single mistake led to me being a public ridicule …However , my participation in the Miss SL pageant also had a positive impact in my life , as I was acknowledged to be the most talented contestant, and this recognition came from my song “Woman Empowerment “ , which I performed on stage…Apart from pageantry I also do modelling through which I get minimal funds just to ensure I have a good quality of life.
My participation in pageantry and modelling gave fame to my name , however so far it hasn’t had a major impact in my life .Hence , I see this Big Sister Empowerment show , as the ultimate platform to Empower myself in several ways , and it will also enable me to empower other talented youngsters that lack the platform to show the world their talents.For instance, there are several football talents that are wasting in SL due to lack of opportunities, and the same goes to models…I’ve always had the intention of shedding light in these two industries (Football & modelling ), and I believe this Empowerment show will open the connections required for me to do this, even if I don’t get to win the Cash Prize..
On this note , I’m pleading to everyone in SL who gets to read this , to contribute in making my dreams become reality by SENDING 079 to 2020 ON ORANGE ONLY
YOU Doubt

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