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The Mount Bintumani is also known as Loma Mansa which is the highest peak in Sierra Leone and the Loma Mountains, at 1,945 meters (6,381 ft). It lies in the Loma Mountains and its lower slopes are covered in rainforests, home to a wide variety of animals.

These include pygmy hippopotamuses, dwarf crocodiles, rufous fishing-owls and numerous primates. Loma Mountains, range in northeastern Sierra Leone, extending for about 20 miles (32 km) in a north-south direction, west of the source of the Niger River in the Guinea Highlands.

Rising abruptly above the granite plateau and savannah grasslands, the range contains Mount Loma Mansa (Bintumani; 6,391 feet [1,948 m]), the highest peak in Sierra Leone. The range is sparsely settled; parts have been set aside as a forest reserve.

Did you know that the Loma Mountains are the highest mountains in the West African country of Sierra Leone?

The highest peak is Mount Bintumani, which rises to a height of 1,948 meters (6,381ft). The area has been designated a non-hunting forest reserve since 1952. The reserve covers an area of 33,201 hectares. Mount Bintumani isn’t known as ‘the king of the mountains’ for nothing.

Even finding yourself at the foot of its 1,948m, among the range of the Loma Mountains, takes some doing, and trying to manage an ascent in the rainy season approaches madness; not that people haven’t done it. Look out for Bintumani herself, the name of the female spirit that lives on the mountain.

There are many ways to climb the mountain: you can scale the beast in a day if you’re dead set on speed; or seven, if you’re keener on taking your time, camping out in the wilderness, spotting herds of buffalo and trekking through rain forest that even the rebels didn’t reach.

A team of experts who visited in 2008 finally made the clear-cut case to turn the mountain into a national park and made wildlife preservation.

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