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  • WHO

    In Sierra Leone a lot of children come home from school and have nowhere to release stress/energy like other normal children. They play on the streets and other unsafe areas in their neighbourhood.

    Providing a safe playground will ensure their safety and enhance their livelihood. That’s why the Spratley Charity Foundation is providing free to use playgrounds  for children and their families to spend quality time together. As we have witnessed all this firsthand, and we have our families and friends back in Sierra Leone.

    We feel that it is our duty to to help contribute to a positive change in the lives of these children

    Mark Spratley – CEO
  • WHAT

    The Spratley Charity Foundation will give unprivileged children the opportunity to development skills from a young age by building play parks across Sierra Leone.

    Play parks are more than just fun places for your child to spend free time. They can help all children, especially those with learning and attention issues develop important skills. Here’s how.

    Swinging is a basic playground activity that can aid your child’s development in many areas. It helps with balance and teaches him or her to know where their body is in space. And it also gives him practice with fine motor skills (gripping the chain), motor skills (pumping his or her legs to swing higher) and coordination (putting it all together). What’s more, swinging helps the brain learn to make sense of speed and direction, which may be beneficial for kids with visual perception issues

    Attor Gbongboto – Manager
  • HOW

    The Spratley Charity foundation swing of success is a UK Sierra Leone based charity organization that seeks to extensively help children in need across Africa and Sierra Leone to be specific. In recent years many charity organizations have in a way or the other highlighted and executed assistance in various forms and more keep establishing themselves in Sierra Leone.

    The Spratley Charity Foundation drifts on several aspects of weak areas children should be empowered with and enjoy their livelihoods as all children ought to. As a result of this, The Spratley Charity Foundation connects various people for the growth of the organization and pursuing several activities and events across Africa all geared towards providing assistance to children and uplifting opportunities for members in working Nations.The Spratley Charity Foundation provides less privileged children with advanced learning materials

    Mark Spratley – CEO




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Mr Sierra Leone and Mr England

Mr England won the overall competition and was crowned Mr World 2019





This event will bring forth live musical artists from West Africa, namely: Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, all of which the Spratley Charity Foundation aims at reaching out, in ensuring children across the sub region have a blissful way of life especially for all less privileged children.

UK meets West Africa Is a proposed concert aimed to take place at the UK in the near future. As the name of the event already explains its content and implication there is more to know. UK meets West Africa is aimed at building bridges of cultural, societal and entertainment with UK, as we believe music all over the world speaks a very familiar language to all humanity.

The event looks to bring in 12 West African musical acts to perform at the proposed O2 Arena / various venues in London United Kingdom and perform alongside major based signed UK artists.

The Sprately Charity foundation is supported by various dignitaries in Sierra Leone and the UK.

  • H.E Tamba John Sylvernus Lamina( Sierra Leone High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ireland)
  • Esq. Francis Ben Keifala ( Head of Anti-corruption Sierra Leone)
  •  Indigo at The O2 AEG

To create the hype for these shows we have recorded music tracks with Sierra Leone and the UK artists that will played on Link up TV and many London radios stations to gain the mass interest for he up and coming charity concerts.

The money raised from each concert will be used for many projects including Borku talk classroom and build parks in Sierra Leone with a small community Centre built for educational purposes. The land will also be in the budget from the sponsors and purchased from minister of land or a reputable land owner, We would like to build 20 play parks over five years and they should be spread all over Sierra Leone so each district shall enjoy this creative and meaningful project.